3 years ago Emma Holtens email was hacked.  And to her horror, she found out that some private photos of her younger self, naked, photographed in her then-boyfriend’s room was featured on a website, without her consent. The website profited from displaying nude photos of women who had not themselves chosen to be a part of that dirty business. The phenomenon is called revenge porn, and usually revolve around people publishing photos of their exes in more or less pornographic situations.

In the three years that have passed since, Emma has almost every day been contacted by people who had seen the pictures of her and just wanted to say that she had nice tits or to say that she should send some more – else, they would send the pictures to her family. Emma had to deal with the feeling of knowing that her body was seen through pornographic lenses, and that she should be ashamed of her body or rather pictures of her body, which barely felt like hers anymore. She has gone through a huge personal battle; to get her body to feel like her own again.

When she told me her story, she had come to the point where she was ready to write a new story about her body – through photographs, but this time she would be in control of the situation and the context, and it would be with her full consent. I have created a series of photographs that shows the body of a female subject rather than an object. Examinating the roles in which we see the naked body. How the relationship is between the onlooker and the one being looked at. A series of images of a person, even without clothes is a human being who should be treated and be seen and respected like that!

– You can read Emma Holtens own article about the project “Consent”, revenge porn and sexism at Hysteria Magazine.

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  The article by Emma Holten and the pictures by Cecilie Bødker
are originally featured in FRIKTION #3 “Porn”

Cecilie Bødker © 2014