The Neon Swimsuit


You can call my mom a bit of an original. I’m not surprised when she shows up to Christiansborg Rundt in a neon yellow swimsuit.

“So you can see where I am, right? I’m a little afraid of drowning…”

The bathing cap she has been given also happens to be yellow. All around us is the other contestans, wearing black and gray wetsuits. My mother confides me a little worried, that she had thought there would be more people in swimsuits. Her skin glistens with a layer of Vaseline, that she has applied to insulate against the cold water.

“And if I swim into a jellyfish, it will just slide right of me!”

Dorte Jensen is 52 years old, and swam the 2 kilometers at Christiansborg Rundt 2013 in 57.52 min.”

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